Dan Bortolotti’s articles have appeared in some of Canada’s finest magazines, and his work has been nominated for six National Magazine Awards since 2010. Here’s a selection of recent work:

Canada’s Best Discount Brokerages
A guide to choosing the right online home for your investments
(from the June 2014 issue of MoneySense)

Train Your Investing Brain
Why the human mind is the biggest threat to your investments
(from the April 2014 issue of MoneySense)

The Income Illusion
Why focusing only on income can lead to bad outcome
(from the September 2012 issue of MoneySense)

Renovate Your Portfolio
The biggest hurdles for Couch Potato investors are psychological
(from the April 2012 issue of MoneySense)

This is Y0ur Brain on Potatoes
The biggest hurdles for Couch Potato investors are psychological
(from the February/March 2012 issue of MoneySense)

Top Wildlife Stories of 2011
It has been a remarkable year for Canada’s most charismatic creatures
(from the December 2011 issue of Canadian Geographic)

Tales of the (Red) Tape
Why the government paper burden is smothering small business
(from the October 2010 issue of Financial Post Magazine)

How to Save a Million Bucks
Becoming a millionaire is easier than you think, even if you’re starting with next to nothing
(from the Summer 2010 issue of MoneySense and nominated for a 2011 National Magazine Award)

How I Became a Couch Potato
It took me years to embrace smart investing. Here’s how to learn from my mistakes.
(from the February/March 2009 issue of MoneySense and nominated for a 2010 National Magazine Award)

The Lead Busters
Worried what toxic hazards might lurk in your home? Thanks to some powerful technology, one family got the chance to find out.
(from the November 2009 issue of Today’s Parent)

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