Auroras: Fire in the Sky

Auroras: Fire in the Sky (Firefly Books, 2011) is filled with 80 images of one of nature’s greatest spectacles, with captions that reflect on the folklore, science and beauty of the northern lights. The book features the magnificent photographs of Yuichi Takasaka.

For millennia, humans have been fascinated with the ghostly green and red curtains of light that shimmer across the heavens on dark, clear nights. Ancient peoples saw these displays as souls of the dead, the torches of spirits, and harbingers of war. Barely 100 years ago, scientists finally began to understand the causes of the aurora, but our understanding of the physics has not detracted from their wonder.

What the reviewers say:

“This is a splendid book that wonderfully illustrates the beauty of a natural spectacle as well as the colourful stories that have accompanied them throughout the ages.” [Five out of five stars]
Sky at Night Magazine (UK)

“Its 140 pages combine the stunning aurora images of world-acclaimed photographer Yuichi Takasaka with the easy-reading narrative of Dan Bortolotti. The result of their combined skills is a book that is destined to become a best seller—at least with nature and astronomy enthusiasts. Crafted for the layperson who wants to dig a little deeper but not become buried, Auroras: Fire in the Sky takes the reader on a fascinating journey.”
John Crossen, Buckhorn Observatory

“Beautiful photos of the strange dancing lights we too rarely see in our night sky, along with text explaining the controversies over the physics of the upper atmosphere.” [selected as one of the best Nature and Science gift books of 2011]
The Globe and Mail

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