Exploring Saturn

Exploring Saturn (Firefly Books, 2003) takes amateur astronomers on a journey to the ringed planet.

The book explains everything we know about Saturn and how we learned it, and provides a fascinating description of NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, which arrived in July 2004. Ages 10+.

Exploring Saturn was a finalist for the 2003 Science in Society Book Award and a selection of the Discovery Channel Book Club and the Astronomy Book Club.

What the reviewers say:

“Covers the missions of the Cassini orbiter and the Huygens Titan probe in kid-friendly detail… Even adults may learn something.”
Sky & Telescope

“A crowd-pleasing blend of hard information and eye candy. Serious students and casual browsers alike will have a hard time putting this down.” [starred review]
School Library Journal

“Absolutely packed with information… This is a fantastic book that is well worth buying for any library where middle and high school students will be researching Saturn.”
Resource Links

“Features a well-organized and engaging text as well as many exceptionally clear, colorful illustrations… Students who wish to follow [Cassini] will find a good, basic introduction to the mission’s goals and equipment… The lively writing and exceptional illustrations make this very accessible.”

“Exploring Saturn is clearly written and will be popular with adults who are intrigued by Saturn, as well as younger readers. It will make an excellent reference book in a science class… Highly recommended.”
Manitoba Libraries Association

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