MoneySense Guide to the Perfect Portfolio

The MoneySense Guide to the Perfect Portfolio (Rogers Publishing, second edition 2012) is a step-by-step approach to an investing strategy that lowers your fees, boosts your returns, and lets you sleep well at night.

MoneySense pioneered the Couch Potato strategy in Canada more than a decade ago. Also called index investing, or passive investing, it involves using broadly diversified index mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that deliver the returns of the overall markets, minus only a very small fee. This simple strategy is endorsed by some of the leading figures in finance and is virtually guaranteed to outperform most professional money managers over the long term.

This easy-to-read guide explains exactly how to use this powerful strategy to put yourself on the road to investing success.

What the reviewers say:

“The most accessible explanation of the merits and mechanics of index investing I’ve seen to date. He takes a topic that is often explained in a technical manner and makes it understandable for non-specialists.”
Michael James on Money

“Tired of reading technical and academic ‘how to’ investing books? … Let Dan Bortolotti’s MoneySense Guide to the Perfect Portfolio be your helper. In a visual, straightforward and simple format, Dan will break down the components of sound investing, explain the basics of index investing and why it works, and add some humour along the way.”
My Own Advisor

“Will have stockbrokers and mutual-fund salespersons cringing, if not waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat.”
Larry MacDonald, Canadian Business

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