Panda Rescue

Panda Rescue (Firefly Books, 2003) visits the bamboo forests and breeding centers of China, where scientists are working to protect the world’s most beloved animal.

Young readers will learn about the colorful history of the black-and-white bear, and why many conservationists remain hopeful about its future. Ages 10+.

The book was a finalist for the 2003 Science in Society Book Award.

What the reviewers say:

“Thank goodness a whole new set of animal conservation books has come along to inspire a generation of kids… Gives readers the scoop on tigers without the doom and gloom of most environmental stories… It earns a 9.5 out of 10.”

“A great new series… Bortolotti knows how to catch and hold an audience while providing top-quality information. The photos are terrific… The writing is lively and direct.”
Quill & Quire

“Bortolotti’s easy narrative style makes the information flow, which will appeal to young readers… highly recommended.”
Resource Links

“An engaging writing style accompanied by stunning full-color photographs will hold readers’ interest.” [starred review]
School Library Journal

“Primary research, lively writing, and dramatic use of color photographs lift these titles… above the usual level of stock nonfiction on ecological subjects.”
Center for Children’s Books

“A wonderful new series… Filled with spectacular photos, informative maps and charts, and up-to-the minute information… Bortolotti manages to convey hope while being honest with young readers. These books are beautiful and affordable and will be devoured by animal lovers.”
Toronto Families

“A fascinating book that provides the basics of tiger ecology, life-history, and conservation… Well written and nicely laid out.”
Science Books & Film Online

“Impressive… You’ll find out loads of neat stuff about these amazing animals, why they are endangered, and the cool things people do to try to save them.”
Toronto Star

“Up-to-date facts and a thorough examination of the threats and challenges each species faces… Recommended.”
Manitoba Libraries Association


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